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User Registration Form For Global Application

  • Management Companies (MCs) applying for a Global Business Licence on the Online Submission Platform (OSP) should fill in the below registration form to obtain a unique User ID and Password.
  • Additionally, the MC will be required to submit a certified true copy of the Board resolution authorising:

    i.     below contact person to register on the OSP

    ii.    the number of user/s to hold credentials to log to the OSP and name of the aforesaid user/s.

  • MCs are reminded that they must first apply for a login and password from the online system of the Companies and Business Registration Department before registering with the Commission.
  • All fields are required for successful registration.
  • Maximum size of upload for board resolution document is 5MB and file type allowed is PDF

  • Please note that registration details shall be communicated via the above email address.
  • At registration, login credentials for a maximum of 10 users per MC will be disseminated.  Upon request, more than one set of user credentials can be granted to MCs for filling of applications.
  • MCs are hereby reminded to keep their credentials confidential, as the Commission will not be held responsible for any dissemination/sharing of passwords, in whatsoever circumstances.

  Your requests for de-registration of users should be sent to

User Registration Form For Domestic Application

  • All fields are required for successful registration.